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Mitsubishi fixed speed rotary RB174VRXMT Compressors

Mitsubishi fixed speed rotary RB174VRXMT Compressors

Mitsubishi Rotary RB174VRXMT R-134a

Fixed Speed Rotary Compressors

Inverter-driven system promotes maximum compressor efficiency. The system detects subtle temperature changes and automatically adjust its capacity output. These lead to stabilizing temperature, minimizing power consumption and optimizing humidity control.

50Hz 220-240V 1P

R-134a Fixed Speed Rotary Compressor

Models Capacity Input Norminal Output COP EER Run Cap Weight Oil
W Kcl/hr Btu/hr Watt Amps HP kW W/W Btu/hr* w mF/VAC kgs cc
RB174VRXMT 2000 1720 6824 640 3.00 0.8 0.60 3.13 10.66 25/370 13.5 440

Operation Standards R-134a Fixed speed rotary compressor

Model RB Series
Type Rolling piston type rotary
Displacement (mc3/rev) 13.5-31.3
Refrigerant type R-134a
Maximum Condensing 0.03 MPaG ~2.60 MPaG (4.4 psiG - 377.1 psiG)
Evaporating 0.03 MPaG ~0.69 MPaG (4.4 psiG - 100.1 psiG)
Compression Ratio 10 or less
Abnormal rise in pressure 2.94 MPaG (426.4psiG) or less
Condensing -20°C ~ 81°C
Evaporating -20°C ~ 31°C
Discharged gas max 115°C (239°F)
In case of heat pump or de-humidipier, this limit is 110°C (230°F)
Suction gas max must be over 0°C (No liquid back)
Discharged gas superheat 20°C or more
Outdoor ambient temp Air cond : 20°C~43°C (68°F~109.4°F)
Heat pump: -10°C~43°C(14°F~109.4F)
Supply voltage (during operation) Rated voltage + or - 10%
Starting voltage Maximum 80% of rated voltage
(at 1.01 MPa balancing pressure in case of 208-230 v Rated voltage (N code compressor) the starting voltage shall be 85% or more . This shall be measured at compressor terminal at instance of start.)
Reverse phase (rotation) Compressor is not designed to run reverse phase
Frequency range Rated frequency + or - 2%
ON/OFF Frequency Less than 170000 cycles
ON/OFF Cycle The ON/OFF cycle shall be amximum of 10 times/hr
OFF time shall be the time until the high side and low side pressure reach to balance pressure (more than 3 minuts)
Pipe Stress 3.5Kg/mm2 or less at start and stom conditions
(1.8 kg/mm2 during operation)
Refrigerant Circuit
Piping Vibration Maximum 0.8mm
Inclination of compressor Within 5°

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